Equality and Diversity Statement
Our commitment to equality​
Know My Mind is committed to promoting equality in all areas of service delivery. We work toward creating a community which is based on inclusiveness and to uphold our duties outlined under the Equality Act 2010 in giving due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between those who share a protected characteristic.

We will produce data monitoring reports covering a wide range of cutomer data to demonstrate our progress and identify areas of further improvement. 

We also recognise the social and business imperatives to promoting equality, diversity and human rights that will help us deliver a better service. 
Recognising and valuing diversity​
We value diversity by recognising and accepting people’s social identities and creating an environment where everyone is able to develop their full potential. It is celebrating these differences where everyone feels valued.

Know My Mind is committed to providing excellence and by having a diverse volunteer group which encompasses backgrounds of varying experiences, skills and knowledge; it enables us to provide an equitable service to our customers.
We will continue to develop our understanding of how the diverse backgrounds of different groups and individuals can affect a service user's path through mental health services and use this to inform the services that we offer.
We will continue to work with local and national diverse communities through partnership arrangements to promote the work of Know My Mind in raising awareness of mental health issues.
Meeting our commitment
Know My Mind will:
• Lead from the top.  The Director and Core Group members will take an active role in promoting equality in all areas of work.  
• Comply with the letter and the spirit of Equality and Human Rights legislation.
• Monitor our work to track our progress and identify areas for improvement
• Learn from complaints.
• Encourage and support the development of innovative projects that raise awareness of mental health issues.
• Create partnerships across London to ensure that greater awareness of mental health issues.
• Share good practice and joined-up thinking with other mental health organisations.
• Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
Valuing our workforce​
Know My Mind wants to deliver an innovative, effective, and value for money service through theatre, workshops and material which can be used to raise awareness of mental health issues. Although Know My Mind does not employ paid staff, the volunteers and contributors are as equally important. It is not possible to deliver such a service without investment in all individuals who contribute to enhancing Know My Mind's activities. 
To maintain a motivated and professional 'workforce' we will:
• Use lawful means such as Positive Action and other tools to ensure a fair recruitment and promotion system.
• Act robustly to challenge and eliminate harassment, bullying or prejudice.
• Use a variety of different methods to attract and retain staff from all backgrounds and ethnicity.
• Comply with all equalities related employment legislation where applicable.
• Encourage open, honest discussion about issues which support personal development and a learning culture.
• Continue to develop a workforce that reflects the wider community.  
Emailing us​
Email [email protected]