"Thank you for participating in the Poster Exhibition at this year’s event. We have received lots of positive feedback with regards to this aspect of the Congress."
​(2017 International Congress Peer Review Committee)

Presentation at the Psychiatrists International Congress  
(Scotland - June 2017) 

After winning an academic educational poster exhibition competition about mental health, Know My Mind was invited to attend the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland on 26 June 2017. 
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Top left: foyer area at the Edinburgh International Congress 2017

Top right: KMM director Ekanem Hines with Dr Aggrey Burke  is a senior lecturer, consultant psychiatrist and specialist in Transcultural Psychiatry on Racism and Mental Health

Bottom: KMM director Ekanem Hines with educational poster based on the play (So U Think I'm Crazy) at the Congress.